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I've recently started going through my paper diaries to pick out all the weird little ESP, dreams, and strange coincidences and just plain weird experiences I've had and written down since around the mid 1970s.

If anyone in this community would care to drop in to my journal and let me know if they have had any similar experiences or have any input on how to control or develop my very mild abilities I'd appreciate it.


EXERCISE: Feeling Energy

Learning to recognize the feelings that energy can give off is a first step in gaining the ability to harness that energy for healing purposes.  Many energy healers use their hands as tools in detecting shifts in the energy levels in a body.

EXERCISE:  While standing, pass your open hand [palm facing you] from the top of your head slowly down to your pelvic area.  Be aware of any slight shifts or changes you feel. 

                                                        Common feelings are:
                                                        *  Temperature: hot or cold spots
                                                        *  Sensations: tingling 
                                                        *  Density: areas that feel as if you are passing through thicker air

Heat and density can often times suggest a build up or blockage of energy in that particular area of the body.  Coldness or lightness can often indicate a deficiency of energy at that location of the anatomy. 

Learning to sense and locate these blockages and deficiencies helps the intuitive develop a clear channel while working.  Often times, by recognizing the areas of shifting energy, the healer has an easier time being able to sense the root of the problem.

Connecting with Tarot to enhance Intuition

Time for the Trifecta!  Many of us have come to LJ out of an uncontrolable and desperate need to write.  And I've started this particular community to enhance the voice within that guides me.  Let's combine these two of my favorites with a third, Tarot, in an effort to heighten all...

Be it daily, weekly or monthly, pull a card from your deck.  Look over its art and read through the main attributes of your selected card.  Use its qualities to create a poem or short story.

If you're willing, please share.

EXERCISE: Lucid Dreaming

This exercise was chronicled in the book Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda and paraphrased in the book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner [Chapter 1: Stepping Through The Gate]

Background: Lucid Dreaming is the ability to be consciously aware while in your dream state, giving the dreamer access to the almost unknown inner depths of their Self.

Upon closing your eyes tonight, but before going to sleep, tell yourself that you will look at your hands while dreaming.  Repeat the suggestion to yourself as you drift off to sleep. 

Setting up your dream in such a way allows the conscious mind to connect with the unconscious while in the dream state.  Give it a try for a few nights to see if you are able to see your hands while dreaming and become consciously aware of being in a dream. 

If successful, the books also advise that by looking back at your hands during the dream you are able to stabilize any shifting or wavering scenes.  So if things start to go blurry on you, look back at your hands to renew the power of the lucid dream experience.

Share your experiences.  Were you successful?  How did it make you feel?

QUESTION: Lucid Dreaming


1.  Have you ever heard of Lucid Dreaming?

2.  Do you believe it is possible to be consciously aware that you are dreaming and thus control aspects of yourself within the dream?

3.  Have you ever experienced a dream in which you were consciously aware that you were in a dream?

Please share your experiences.  I have always found my dreams a helpful source of guidance all my life and as of recently I am having trouble remembering them after I wake.  It has left me feeling a bit at loss.  To combat this, I have picked up a book on Lucid Dreaming and am curious if others have experienced this.  Is it helpful in your life?  Do you feel able to connect to your inner guide or even spirit guides during such dream states?

Below you will find an exercise for developing your natural intuition [as provided by Sherrie Dillard in her book Discover your Psychic Type].


EXERCISE: [It is necessary to do this exercise with a number of books near by] 

Begin by writing down a concern, question or problem.

Now, close your eyes and meditate on the question.  Let any stress, fear or expectation you have about the problem/question surfaace. 

Take a few long, deep breaths and release any stress you have as you exhale.
Continue to breath and imagine a protective white light enveloping you.  This light begins to form a bubble that completely surrounds you and only allows what is good and pure to enter.

As you sit in your bubble of protective light, ask your guides, your higher inner self or the divine to assist you.  Ask for guidance relating to your question to be revealed to you.  
Imagine releasing this concern to the highest good.  Detach from the outcome and ask to be led or guided.

Open your eyes. 
Pick up the book that you feel most drawn to and open it at random.  
Allow your eyes to be drawn to a certain page and a particular paragraph.

Now sit quietly and close your eyes. 
Ask your guides, your higher inner self or the divine to help you understand what you have just read and how it relates to your question/problem/concern.

Breathing, listen for guidance.  Often it will come as a feeling or a memory of a time in your life when you learned something about yourself.  Or it may come as thoughts or just a block of knowing.
There is often a moment of transcendence that happens during this exercise.  You may feel dreamlike.

Write down your thoughts, feelings or whatever comes to you-- even if it does not makes sense or seem irrelevant.

As you return to normal consciousness, you may recognize the meaning of the message immediately or you may not fully understand it for a few days or even weeks.

Be sure to share your experiences with the community!!
Bright Blessings!!

EXERCISE: Your Psychic Type

Most people will admit to having a 'natural instinct' or 'gut feeling' that they rely on to guide them down life's path.  Want to learn more about what TYPE of INTUITIVE you are??  Take this quiz to find out more.

[from Discover your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard]

Read the following questions and rate yourself as best as possible with the following scoring system:
Often = 5 points.  Sometimes = 3 points.  Rarely = 1 point.


1.  I experience sudden physical aches or pains when in the company of others.

2. The feelings and emotions of others affect me.

3.  I have an interest in extraterrestrials, crop circles, or other nonphysical intelligences.

4.  I have dreams or visions that don't seem to relate to anything in my life.

5.  I fail to lose weight despite constant dieting.

6.  I long for the elevated love of a spiritual soul mate.

7.  I feel I am being taught at night while I sleep.

8.  I see streaks or sparkles of light, energy or color.

9.  I experience anxiety or panic in crowded places.

10.  When I see a loved one suffer, I want to trade places with him or her.

11.  I enjoy discussing spiritual topics and ideas.

12.  I have a strong sense of spirit or soul, but have difficulty with more mundane, day-to-day tasks.

13.  I feel a connection to crystals, plants or nature spirits.

14.  I feel the presence of God as unconditional love.

15.  I want proof or evidence of the existence of psychic phenomena

16.  I long to be in the presence of divine beings.

17.  I feel I can communicate with my pets or other animals.

18.  I pray for others to feel God's love.

19.  I prefer the words 'divine intelligence' to 'divine love'.

20.  I can see the big picture but have difficulty communicating it to others.

21.  When giving or receiving healing energy, I can feel it flow through my hands or body.

22.  People tell me that they feel comforted when they are near me.

23.  I would like a higher power to provide me with answers to my questions.

24.  I had a problem with drugs or alcohol at one time.

25.  I feel my intuition as a gut feeling in my body.

26.  People, even strangers, confide their problems to me.

27.  I have ideas for unique products or inventions.

28.  I feel the presence of loved ones who are in spirit close to me.

29.  I am fascinated by magic or spells.

30.  I experience unexplained intense feelings.

31.  I am interested in energy medicine.

32.  I am afraid to be too psychic or intuitive.

33.  I am attracted to different body therapies including massage, Reiki and acupuncture.

34.  I forgive others easily.

35.  I enjoy studying mystical teachings.

36.  I enjoy studying channeled teachings.

37.  I am interested in shamanism, Native American mythology, and other earth-based traditions.

38.  I desire to be of service to those who suffer physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

39.  I desire to understand the Universal Laws.

40.  I wonder why I am here, on planet Earth.

41.  I enjoy participating in rituals and ceremonies.

42.  Much of my day and/or week is involved with helping others.

43.  I contemplate what the meaning of life might be.

44.  I like to daydream.

45.  I spend a lot of time in my garden or in the wilderness.

46.  I feel what others feel.

47.  I enjoy studying the connection between science and spirituality.

48.  I live in the present moment.

49.  I communicate with the spirits that live in natural objects like plants and trees.

50.  My spiritual path is the path of the heart.

51.  I enjoy new technologies and cutting-edge gadgets.

52.  I sense or see spirits or ghosts.

Now, add your scores by the columns provided below to get an A, B, C and D score.  Below you will learn your psychic type.  If you're interested in learning more about what this curious book has to say about each psychic type, let me know via the comments section or a message!

A                                          B                                                 C                                                    D
1                                         2                                                   3                                                    4
5                                         6                                                   7                                                   8
9                                         10                                                11                                                  12
13                                       14                                                15                                                  16
17                                       18                                                19                                                 20
21                                        22                                               23                                                  24
25                                       26                                                27                                                   28
29                                        30                                                31                                                 32
33                                        34                                               35                                                   36
37                                        38                                                39                                                  40
41                                        42                                                43                                                  44
45                                        46                                                47                                                  48
49                                        50                                                 51                                                 52

If your highest sum is...

A.................. You tend to be a physical intuitive.  You travel the path of the divine made physical.  You have an innate connection to the natural world.  You might be devoted to healing the earth - you might be involved in rescuing animals or saving the forests.  You may find your are kinesthetic, seeing or healing through direct connections with others and even objects.  Your intuition may be experienced through baffling aches, pains and fatigue.  You soak up energy like a sponge.  You might have problems with weight gain, chronic stomach pains, fatigue, arthritis and fibromyalgia.  As a physical intuitive, you carry with you the gift of divinity reflected in our physical earth.  Example:  Dr Edward Bach and other herbologists

B................... You tend toward being an emotional intuitive.  You travel the path of the heart.  You can have an innate sensitivity to the emotional states of others.  You will receive psychic intuition/information through your emotions via intense feelings that cannot be explained, such as a sense of sadness, anxiety or fear.  You might suffer from allergies, chronic tiredness, adrenal exhaustion, PMS, ovary or uterine problems.  This is due to pulling from your own physical reserves the energy needed to emotionally heal others.  As an emotional intuitive, you carry with you the gift of highest love.  Example: Mother Teresa

C.................... You are likely a mental intuitive.  You travel the path of the mind.  You have an innate desire to understand.  You might have the gift of being able to receive the thoughts and ideas of others.  You have a thirst to know, learn and expand your mind, but you may struggle communicating your ideas to others.  You might be overwhelmed at times by your own thoughts.  You might suffer from muscle tension, stress, panic, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and sinus issues.  Your mind overloads with energy.  As a mental intuitive, you carry with you the gift of understanding and awareness.  Example: Albert Einstein

D...................... You tend toward being a spiritual intuitive.  You travel the path of an intangible world.  You know better than others that this world is temporary and you wonder what lies beyond.  You most likely experience rich dreams and might even enjoy astral travel, the ability to send the consciousness outside the physical body to distant places.  It is possible that you have had encounters with spiritual beings or loved ones that have passed over.  You are likely attracted to energy work such as Reiki, massage and healing touch.  You might experience elevated states of bliss only to plunge into despair.  You might also suffer from headaches and dizziness.  Some spiritual intuitives suffer from ADD [attention deficit disorder].  As a spiritual intuitive, you carry with you the gift of transcendence and enlightenment.  Example:  Prince Siddhartha, AKA The Buddha

EXERCISE: Soul Self-Portrait

EXERCISE:  Close your eyes and use the power of imagination to create a self-portrait of your own soul.  View this using the mind's eye and describe what you see.

Starting A Journey Inward

When I was a teenager I can remember having an uncannily reliable intuition. 

We would have a drawing for a prize in class and somehow I just 'knew' the number in my teacher's head, (actually, I still have a small Indonesian figurine that I won from a Global Studies teacher my sophomore year of high school). 

I would lose something (my pager - yes, pager or an earring) and if I simply closed my eyes I would see a picture of the missing object lying somewhere particular (just under the front passenger seat of my '82 Buick Skyhawk for example).  Out I would trudge to the driveway to check my car and Tah-Dah!  There it would be, lying in exactly the same position I 'saw' in my mind.

My dreams were vivid also and guided me to make the right decisions (and I now know with confidence that the dreams were the 'right' decisions because often during those years I chose to do the opposite and found the consequences very disagreeable).  Always listen to that inner voice, especially you rebellious teens!! 

I often found myself immersed in strong and frequent bouts of deja vu.  And when I would glance around the room during these experiences, I would often be drawn to a particular person.  It was as if I were sensing their discomfort or distractedness.  Was this person reaching out for help on a level even they weren't aware of?  

I came to rely on these 'gut feelings' as high school shifted to college and college to life.  Then suddenly I hit 30 and my natural intuition became hazy.  I didn't think it 'coincidental' that my days at this time were busy and stressful.  A husband in an unhappy work situation, two young boys with overwhelming levels of energy, a concern for mom who felt trapped in a loveless marriage and for a brother that stood at a vital crossroad in his journeys. 

All of this led to a LOUDNESS in my mind and I found I could no longer reliably tap into whatever source of intuition I once found so naturally.  It was like trying to have an intimate conversation at a heavy metal concert!  And I felt so lost.  My inner voice was being drowned out by the chaos of daily life, and without its guidance that daily life was becoming a burden.

So, a few weeks ago I decided to gain back the quiet in my mind.  I browsed through a few websites on intuition and psychic ability and I recognized that I could work at regaining what I had lost.

Welcome to the community of Developing and Enhancing Intuition.  I hope you'll join me as I explore my inner potentials.  I will post any exercises that I come across in my readings and invite you to join me in recognizing the voice within.  Share your experiences and I will do the same.